December 1, 2012

Couple months worth of pages

These aren’t current layouts … just slow getting them posted. 
I love this photo!  Their linked hands make me smile!

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!  We took first place in the parade and received a nice little prize!

Family time.  Good food, good times!

Doesn’t she make the cutest fairy!  I am so in love with that smile!

Genna tried on EVERY hat in the store.  Ok, so did I --- we had a lot of fun!

When it comes to Raelynn, Apaw is one Smitten Kitten! She will fly right past me with her arms in the air reaching for him.   So sweet!

Soooo true!  I am so thankful to have found him (well, according to him, he found me LOL)

I love the way she is holding Tigger slightly behind her in the second photo, it gives the appearance that she is holding him back to protect him.  How sweet is that?